Supplies for Your Face Painting Business

Are you a great artist who has been asked by friends and family to do face painting at a children’s party? Have you been face painting people at carnivals and festivals all in the spirit of fun? Were you the one who painted on your fiends’ face just before the biggest sports match of your town? If your answer to all these questions is yes, then perhaps it’s time you get on your feet and start your own face painting business! Turn your artistic skills and talent into a profitable business. Face painting gained high demand then. All kids’ parties probably have face painting as one of the activities so you already have a wide market.

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Make sure that you will apply for a business permit in your locality to make your business legal. You can start advertising your services once you’re done with the business permit. Advertising online is the fastest way to do it. Try making a website of your business too to further promote your service. Spreading through word of mouth is still the best way to promote your business. Ask your friends and family to vouch for you and spread the word around. You can make flyers or brochures with samples of your work and the packages you offer and ask your friends to give them to officemates and other friends.

It is now time to invest on materials you’re going to use in your face painting business. Purchase a lot of paint in various colors, different sizes of brushes, sponges, face painting markers, and water containers. You can find face painting kits in the market too. If you will do the face paint by yourself, you can buy just the smaller start up face painting kit, but if you will have more than one artists, then it’s best to get the bigger kits. You can also invest in different types of paint like ones that glow in the dark or those that are glittery. It is also necessary to provide designs for parties. You have an option of printing out some designs you can find on the net or make one yourself. Compile your designs in a clear book so you can use them again in other parties.

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You will be dealing with a lot of kids most of the time so make sure that you like kids before you get into the face painting business. Just have fun while working and remember to always wear a smile. If you enjoy doing your job and your passionate about it, it is considered the best job.

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